Close of photo of Dry needling technique

Mana Physiotherapy

Mana Physiotherapy in Falcon WA was borne of the desire to help people. This is the fundamental ethos behind our practice – whether it be relieving pain, helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, preventing reoccurrence of injury or allowing you to get back to what you love.

In our clinic, the essence of Mana is to treat from a place of clinical knowledge, professionalism and integrity. If we can help you, we will do so as efficiently and effectively as possible. If we can’t, we will quickly refer you to the health professional you need.

Mana means many different things to different people. To our clinic it represents the force that drives us as people and as Physiotherapists.

We give you respect by having a commitment to excellence in the field of Physiotherapy.

We believe that respect is integral to healing.